Promotional T-shirt
Custom Promotional T-shirt

welcome to printingplanet

 We are a London based company with many years of experience producing quality printing from clothing to promotional goods. We have a main focus on printing t-shirts, business cards, flyers and more as you may have guessed from the name of our website. However we also produce a wide range of personalised items and printed clothing and can source garments if required. So whether you are an individual wanting a single t shirt designed for a friends birthday, a number of t shirts for a hen party or that your company wants 500 printed for a big event we can supply you.

Flyers and Leaflet Printing 

We are famous for printing cheap Leaflets, being one of the first companies to introduce cheap printing to the web. Since those early days, our Leaflet printing and Flyer printing has evolved and our Leaflets and Flyers are now beautifully printed in full colour in any size from 40mm x 40mm up to A2 size. We also offer a convenient six page A4 size (297mm x 630mm). The following materials are available: 115gsm gloss art, 130gsm gloss art, 150gsm gloss art, 150gsm silk art, 200gsm gloss art, 200gsm silk art, 280gsm gloss art, 280gsm silk art, 150gsm Executive Uncoated and 250gsm Executive Uncoated. You can choose from wide variety of finishing options including folding, creasing, round cornering, perforating and drilling.

We always aim for 100% satisfaction from our customers in terms of the final product delivered on time and at a price you are happy with, if you need an order in a hurry we can offer a premium service to make sure that your order gets to you on time as well as making sure we use only the latest technology and techniques to ensure our products are the best quality available. We are here to help you create something unique and custom which you can either order via our site or get in touch with us for a quote if you have a custom requirement or simply want to discuss the best option for you.