Why Printed Business Cards are Effective in Direct Marketing?

Today most of the communication we do is through a digital channel- i.e., either through e-mails, Mobile phones or social networking. But, how far have you realised the importance of the traditional and printed business cards?

Even if you have all the digital channels to communicate, the role handled by business cards cannot be replaced by any other channels.

Two different business individuals typing away on a smartphone will not create any significant impact in a business meeting. Direct conversation with an eye-to-eye contact can help build relations. The personal meeting with a handshake along with a business card exchange is enough to create an impact.

Here we will discuss 3 reasons how and why printed business cards are effective in Direct Marketing.

  1. First impressions of your brand

When you meet a business prospect or contact in person with the intention of creating leads, you want that person to have the best first impressions of your brand. A creative business card does a lot more than just pass on an email address or phone number. They can even keep your business card in their collection of business cards to contact you when needed.

When you hand over a business card to someone, make sure you don’t simply hand over it in a plain simple card. The first impressions matter on the business cards too. Your cards must be capable of making a memorable first impression which can then act as an icebreaker to fuel your conversation further.

You can meet your prospects anywhere. For example, meet them at trade shows, airport lounges, industry meetings or conferences. Arming yourself with business cards will ensure that you never miss an opportunity to make a valuable business connection. Be prepared all the time and keep some of the business cards in your pockets, wallet or bags, so that the next time you meet a prospect you give it out.

  1. It gets shared over Contacts

Creative business cards not only build the first best impressions of your brand but also get shared among other connections of your prospects. A business card is a physical object that you leave with a potential prospect and your brand stays with them.

A unique business card that makes the first impression, easily get shared among the connections of your prospects than when you exchange your email addresses and phone numbers. Your prospect will show your card to others and put your brand in front of additional prospects.

  1. It shows your Professionalism

Imagine, two different business professionals come to see you. You talked with both of them and at the end of the conversation, one had his contact details handed over to you on a piece of paper he just tore out from his diary, while the other simply pulled out a business card from his wallet to you. Whom do you prefer to do business with?

Even if you have a smartphone but facing low battery issues at the time of your business meeting or, asking the prospect for a pen to write down your contact details for him shows the lack of professionalism in your approach. While if you have a creatively printed business card at these decisive moments shows a great indicator that you are a professional.

Why should you have Business Cards?

Because, business cards are still the fastest and easiest way to share your business’s contact information with other business people, prospective customers and clients.

Even if you are living in a digitalised age, having business cards printed is still considered to be one of the best ways to remind other people about your small or large business and to attract maximum prospects. Therefore, approach one of the best business card printers near you to create those lasting impressions for your brand.

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