What can a Stunning Letterhead Design do for your Brand?

“You can build a distinct brand identity with a beautifully designed letterhead”

You don’t need many things to give your brand the identity it needs, but sometimes only a letterhead design would do. There’s a lot of difference between receiving a letter on a blank paper and a letterhead which is beautifully designed. A professionally designed letterhead can act smart as a marketing opportunity between you and the receiver. It can enable your brand for engagement and lend credibility to what is written in the page. Whether a customer reads the message in a letterhead or not, it all depends on how visually appealing it is.

Often, designing an effective letterhead which is unique can be challenging. It needs to reinforce your brand identity. Because, a letterhead design can be the first interaction a customer will have about your company. So that it’s crucial to get the details right, but to also produce something that’s eye-catching, and memorable.

Here let’s see, what are best possible ways to keep your letterhead design engaging?

1.     Design for the Channel

The first thing to keep in mind before you start designing the letterhead is, think about the channel or medium you want the letterhead design to be on. Normally, letterheads were used to be exclusively designed for print. Since, paper is becoming a precious commodity in today’s digital era, many letterhead designs are seen to be taking shape directly using a Word template or similar.

Therefore, you need to understand how your letterhead design will be used, because there’s little point in designing a full-page bleed when an office printer doesn’t print to the edge of the sheet. If you’re designing for a self-print solution, use generous margins at the edge of the page and avoid extremely light shades that might not reproduce well on office equipment.

2.     Choose only the Important Details

If you have the right target audience in mind, always try to keep only the necessary details on a letterhead. Consider who will be using the stationery. If it’s specifically for the managing director of a company or for his secretary, perhaps it makes sense to include a direct dial to the office. Or, if it’s more general to be used for many different applications, go for a general number instead.

There may be certain legal requirements for information must be included, such as registration numbers for accrediting bodies, e-mail address etc. But beyond these requirements, consider what information is really necessary, and choose the only the right details for your letterhead.

3.     Keep it Simple

A letterhead is the medium or channel of communication between you and the consumer. So what is important is keep the design simple to make it effective. A letterhead should look great and feel good when it is received in hand. The design is what makes the way for the content which is printed over.

Simplify your letterhead design, so that it meets all the prerequisites that keep the reader’s attention focused on what is written.

4.     Add special effects


If you want your letterheads to be printed professionally, consider what special affects you can employ to make your design take on an extra lustre.

A simple way to add sophistication to your design is to print solid colour on the reverse of the letterhead, and overprint a spot-UV design that will reflect light differently to the non-UV-printed areas. This is a cost-effective but visually impressive effect.

You can also use customisation option to get it printed in a way you want. Custom printed letterhead designs are easier and simple to be printed.

5.     Use colour sparingly

Colour is an extremely powerful tool that can make or break your letterhead design. But as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Use colour sparingly and make the most of the impact it brings to your letterhead design. The use of colours will help to draw attention to the letterhead design.

With Printing Planet, you wouldn’t have to worry about how you’ll do this. You may just choose from a wide variety of letterhead layouts and start sending out those letters to whoever you want!

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