How to Customise the Perfect Music Band T-shirts for your Fans?


Want to create custom t-shirts for your music band? Enjoy seeing your fans wearing your favourite music band t-shirt in your customised designs.

Great music is something special, and great music on a t-shirt is even better. It’s always a great idea when you want to put your brand on a t-shirt, and it’s more encouraging to see when your fans wear it.

Music is already art, so there are very few constraints on what a band t-shirt design can convey, though it should be more than your band logo or album artwork slapped onto it.

Your favourite t-shirt can be like your favourite song—something you go back to again and again until it wears out. The best way to connect with your fans is through your music, so all you need to do is design and promote your custom Music T-shirts.

How to custom design a music t-shirt?

Printing Planet is one of those names when it comes to producing quality DTG T-shirts, promotional goods, banners, business cards and more.

So whether you want to custom design one single t-shirt or need 500 t-shirts printed, Printing Planet will take care of everything. And, this means no huge upfront costs, no need to haul your merch from gig to gig, and no disappointment for fans if you don’t have the size or design they want.

The range of printed t-shirts includes both embroidered and digitally printed t shirts that can be personalised with your own unique designs.

The majority of the personalised and printed t shirts are offered in a range of colours and sizes including, the latest fashion t-shirts, V neck tees, men’s t-shirts, ladies t-shirts and kids t shirts available as both long sleeve and short sleeve printed t shirts.

Custom printed design fit to a Tee

No matter what kind of music you’re into: country, metal, classical, rock, or hip-hop; Printing Planet has just what you need to create the perfect band t-shirts!

You no longer have to waste hours trying to track down the local t-shirt guy, everything can be easily customised so you can focus on your event.

Start creating with one of the popular t-shirt styles for your custom music t-shirt printing. To get your design custom printed, all you need to do is to select your t-shirt, choose colour, number of t-shirts, upload your design and then add to cart.

Create and innovate just like you always do with an easy-to-use site, then get back to the band.

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