How can Flyers and Leaflets Printing help boost your Business?

How often have you come across a leaflet or flyer in your life, either placed along with your morning daily or from a person distributing it on a busy market street or from a grocery store? Didn’t you take a chance to have a look at it to see what is in it? Yes, it is just that one or two seconds that matters to decide whether it is relevant to you or not.

The traditional, flyers and leaflets is still a popular door-to-door marketing technique in a world of fast modern marketing techniques. It is one of the direct marketing techniques that is more approachable and brings quick results.

How is it possible?

Printing Flyers and Leaflets will help you to stay on top of mind with the following methods.

  1. Personalised Flyers and Leaflets:

Flyers and leaflets are a way to approach your future potential customers unknowingly in a personalised way. They’re an easy option to spread the word about new products and services, create buzz around sales or events and target specific audiences.

Whether you’re trying to impress potential clients or introduce your business to people on the street, personalised flyers and leaflets help you get noticed.

  1. Flyers with an eye-catchy design

Whether you opt for flyers or leaflets, if it is designed in an eye-catchy way then you could grab people’s attention. Here’s what you need to have:

  • Having a short and clear headline (You’ve got only a few seconds to hook their attention!)
  • Including attention-grabbing text or photos
  • Using only 2 different fonts help with readability
  • A coupon or voucher inside will help your customers grab the deal
  • Give a clear call-to action. (Make contact details or social info big and bold)
  1. Know your audience

Knowing your audience, and knowing where your audience are more likely to be found will help you to hand out your flyers & leaflets at relevant events and spots.

  1. Select the right distribution strategy

A well thought out flyer or leaflet is a really quick and affordable way to draw attention to your business or a special offer or sale. Whether you plan on doing a door-to-door leaflet drop or hand them out in busy areas, they have the ability to make people aware of your business in ways that other mediums can’t do.

​​5. Track the Response

Tracking and measuring the results of your Leaflets and flyers distribution campaign is simply like any other direct marketing techniques. You calculate it by cost per response. Once you have calculated this, you can roll out the most successful creative approaches to the most responsive areas.

​​What research says?!

A research conducted by the UK Direct Marketing Association to find out the effectiveness of leaflet drops said, “48% of people visited a store, sent for information or bought a product having received a leaflet through their letterbox”.

These high uptake rates indicate that leaflets or flyers are an effective marketing tool to use for businesses of all sizes.

What you can do?

In order to achieve this high acceptance rate and avoiding your leaflet to be viewed as a junk mail, it’s important to get the right design for your flyer or leaflet.

So before you start designing and printing your promotional flyer or leaflet, think carefully about what is the most affordable way to turn that great design into an effective marketing item.

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